2013-2014 Updated Preliminary Cost of Recapture Report

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An updated version of your district’s 2013–2014 preliminary Cost of Recapture Report is now available online at https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/school.finance/funding/sofweb7.html. The report now includes two columns, a legislative planning estimate (LPE) column and a district planning estimate (DPE) / module column. LPE recapture will be used for the purpose of the Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR) calculation. The DPE column of the report reflects the estimates of tuition paid, number of students in weighted average daily attendance (WADA) purchased, county appraisal district (CAD) costs, and maintenance and operations (M&O) tax collections at the compressed rate that your district submitted via the Chapter 41 subsystem of the Foundation School Program (FSP) System. The report also includes the following updates since the first preliminary Cost of Recapture Report was generated:

  • If your district reported paying tuition to another district for educating some of its students, WADA credit has been given for that cost (line 28 or line 30, depending on the option). This credit reduces the number of WADA that your district must purchase to equalize its wealth.
  • If your district reported charging tuition to another district for educating some of its nonresident students, WADA has been reduced on line 7. This adjustment increases the number of WADA that your district must purchase to equalize its wealth.

You can access the 2013–2014 Chapter 41 Option 3 payment schedule at https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/school.finance/funding/ch41/ch41paymt14.html or through a link available at the bottom your district’s preliminary Cost of Recapture Report. The payment schedule is a static report that shows the first payment due on February 14, 2014, and subsequent payments due on the fifteenth of each month (unless the fifteenth falls on a weekend or a banking holiday, in which case the payment is due the prior business day). The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts wiring instructions are available at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=25769805451&libID=25769805451.

For Option 4 districts, the preliminary Cost of Recapture Report provides a comparison of the reported number of WADA purchased to the number of WADA needed to be purchased. In some cases, these two WADA numbers differ significantly. If your district is an Option 4 district, review these numbers carefully and submit any necessary corrections via the Chapter 41 subsystem so that we can determine the state aid reduction to the partner district(s) more accurately. Please submit any corrections as soon as possible.

If your district is a technology consortium district, it is imperative you review the “Preliminary Calculation of Gain to Partners for a Chapter 41 District” section of the report (the last section of the online report). In some cases, the gain has significantly exceeded the 10 percent limit. If your district has exceeded the limit, it must reduce the number of WADA it is buying from its partner(s) so that the limit is not exceeded. Districts that have not exceeded the limit may increase the number of WADA purchased as long as the limit is not exceeded. Please submit corrections, if any, as soon as possible.

Please note that the cost of buying WADA is not final until all data elements used in the calculations are final.

If you have any questions about this updated preliminary report or any other Chapter 41 issues, please contact Kim Wall by telephone at (512) 463-4809 or by email at kim.wall@tea.texas.gov.


Amanda Brownson
State Funding