(TSDS) Texas Student Data System Vendor Training and Support for LEAs

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To: The Administrator Addressed

Date: November 24, 2014

Subject: Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Vendor Training and Support for LEAs

The Texas Education Agency is increasing the number of entities that will be allowed to support and train Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in using the Texas Student Data System (TSDS).  Level 2 training and support will be expanded to include external vendors.  In order to offer this training and support, the vendor must be certified by the TEA Training team.  Vendors that complete the certification process must support any component for which they train.  Additionally, all vendors must be certified in TSDS Incident Management System (TIMS), Unique ID, and the Operational Data Store (ODS) before supporting and training any of the other key components.

The current list of certified vendors is posted on the TSDS website:


Should you choose, you may continue to receive training and support from your Education Service Center (ESC).  The current list of ESC Champions is posted on the TSDS website:


A priority for TEA is to provide LEAs with the resources they need to receive training and support for the TSDS project.   Adding certified vendors now allows LEAs the flexibility to choose any certified entity (vendor or ESC) to train and support them in each of the TSDS components.



Melody Parrish
Chief Information Officer/Chief Data Officer
Information Technology Services (ITS)/Statewide Education Data Systems (SEDS)
Texas Education Agency