State Plan To Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators

 The Texas Education Agency developed the 2015 Texas State Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators as part of a U.S. Department of Education (ED) requirement that states develop plans to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education, regardless of race, ethnicity, or family income. Texas has had an equity plan in place since 2005, and the 2015 Texas Equity Plan revises and updates the 2012 plan with input from stakeholders in light of new federal guidance.

You can download the plan and associated appendices below. All documents are in PDF format.

2015 Texas Equity Plan
Appendix 1 - Equity Planning Team
Appendix 2 - Policy Scan Grid
Appendix 3 - Policy Stakeholder Group
Appendix 4 - Practitioner Stakeholder Group
Appendix 5 - Stakeholder Pre-Meeting Questionnaire
Appendix 6 - Stakeholder Pre-Meeting Questionnaire Results
Appendix 7 - Policy Stakeholder Group Results
Appendix 8 - Practitioner Stakeholder Group Results
Appendix 9 - Strategies Summary
Appendix 10 - Leverage Points
Appendix 11 - Texas Equity Plan Summary