Governmental Relations


The TEA Governmental Relations team manages the agency’s communications and interactions with the Texas Legislature, the Office of the Governor, elected officials, other state agencies, and stakeholder groups. Our office handles all legislative inquiries, monitors legislative hearings as well as prepares TEA staff to provide testimony when requested. Additionally, Governmental Relations tracks and analyses all education related legislation from bill introduction through implementation. 

Legislative Hearing Presentations

Recent TEA presentations to the Legislature are listed below:


School Finance Commission

Information on the Texas Commission on Public School Finance can be found here.


Legislative Required Reports

The Texas Education Agency is required to provide reports on a variety of topics to the Texas Legislature. Reports to the 85th Legislature can be found at the 85th Legislature Reports page. Previous reports to prior Legislative Sessions may be obtained by contacting Governmental Relations.


Legislative Session Briefing Book

After each Legislative Session, the Texas Education Agency produces a briefing book that describes new legislation that impacts public education. This briefing book is intended to be a high-level overview, and it is recommend researching the actual bill for specific language. 


School Finance Reports and Data

  • General Information on state funding can be found here
  • Information on state funding reports and data can be found here.
  • Information on specific school system financial data can be found here.