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If you have questions regarding the Texas Assessment Program, you can contact us by phone or email.  If your question is urgent, please contact us by phone. 

Texas Education Agency
Student Assessment Division
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Room 3-122A
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 463-9536  Fax: (512) 463-9302

Educational Measurement Division of Pearson
400 Center Ridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78753
Phone: (800) 627-0225  Fax:  (512) 989-5376


 Student Assessment Email Addresses

Listed below are the email addresses that you can use to send questions or concerns. Search carefully for the closest area to your particular question as that will affect the timeliness of the answer.

 CategoryQuestions RegardingEmail Address
AccommodationsAccommodations for students with disabilities
English Language LearnersELL policies for all assessments, including assessing students receiving special education
Private SchoolFor information on private schools, and the obtaining of necessary materials from PEM  
ReportingRaw scores, progress measures, and statewide
Special Education AssessmentsInformation on the STAAR Modified test and students with disabilitiesassessment.students  
Special Education AssessmentsInformation on the STAAR Alternate
STAAR and TAKSInformation on math assessments and  
STAAR and TAKSInformation on reading assessments and
STAAR and TAKSInformation on science assessments and
STAAR and TAKSInformation on social studies assessments and
STAAR and TAKSInformation on writing assessments and instructions
Test Administration MaterialsInformation on the DCCM, TA manuals, supplements, field-test instructions, scannable materials, and ancillary notification
Testing CalendarCurrent or future testing calendars or concerns related to conflicts with testing

Test SecurityAlleged testing irregularities, instruction on reporting incidents, status of investigations, and general questions about proper test security
GeneralAny assessment related topic not listed


 Student Assessment Staff Directory

Listed below is the staff of the Student Assessment Division.

Team Staff
Operations Management
Gloria Zyskowski,

Division Director


 Judy Fabian, Stanley Rasberry, Mollie Sample, Yvonne Taylor
Analysis and Reporting
Mariana Vassileva, Director

Eli Cadena, Michelle Colunga, Sona Geoffrey, Amy Hsiao, Anna Nguyen, Mi-Suk Shim, Teresa Smith-Hollis, Tomoko Traphagan, Tiffany Waller, Urbe Woli, Tony Wilson

 Test Administration and Security
Lisa Cottle, Director
Kim Ackermann, Brian Beck, Janet Borel, Eric Estlund, Jason Hewitt, Glenn Kirchner, John Mitchell, Valeri Montoya, Eric Moore, Christy Ortiz, Alejandro Osma, Heather Ross, James White
STAAR & TAKS Assessments
Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Victoria Young, Director

Lynn Franzen, Dianne Galloway, Rachel Griffin, Kim Hrabovsky, Marsha Peters, Diane Pollard, Gloria Reyes, Susan Robertson, Doug Spear, Barbara Tutt, Steve Wilder

STAAR & TAKS  Assessments
 Mathematics and Science
 Julie Guthrie, Director

Carrie Alexander, Bryan Byrwa, Larry Duncan, Donna Fontenot, Karen Grad, Holly Harris, Anne Nappa, Erik Pinter, Luis Salinas, Doris Tingle


 Assessments for Special Populations
  Justin Porter, Director

Silvia Alvarado-Bolek, Judith Agraz de Hernando, Kim Brannan, Vanessa Gallardo, Araceli Gaona, Keisha Gibson-Cook, Miguel Gomez, Jean Love el Harim, Juanita Juarez, Shelly Leath, Sonia Moreno, Lois Neumeyer, Pat Otto, Debbie Owens, Lilia Herrera Ramirez, Jose Rios, Sue Russell, Frank Solano, Catherine Stapleton, Javier Torres, Cristina Vazquez