Standardized Oral Administration

TEA is offering Standardized oral administration for the STAAR program as an online option for oral administration. The option is available statewide to eligible students in the following grades and subjects:

  • grade 4 reading and mathematics (English only) 
  • grade 5 science (English only)
  • grade 6 reading and mathematics
  • grade 7 reading and mathematics
  • grade 8 science and social studies

The SOA forms feature a text-to-speech panel that students can use to hear selected text in test questions, answer choices, and graphics similar to the way it is on the traditional oral administration of a paper assessment. To set up and manage online SOA test sessions, campus coordinators and test administrators must follow the instructions in the User's Guide for the Texas Assessment Management System and in the appropriate STAAR test administrator manual.

Preparation for Administration

 TEA recommends that campuses prepare themselves as well as students eligible for SOA well in advance of the test day.

Ensuring Technology Readiness

Review the links below to ensure that your school's computers are prepared for the online administration of the SOA.

  • Minimum System Requirements (PDF)

    You can find supported browsers in the Minimum System Requirements document.

  • Practice Test for Online Accommodations (external link)       

    Online testing and technology personnel can test system readiness by accessing the Practice Test for Online Accommodations in the Texas Assessment Management System Practice Center. You can find the test listed under the Texas Assessment Practice Administration. This test is NOT for student practice. Only use the test to verify the readiness of computers. If you would like to have students practice using the SOA tool in TestNav, use the SOA Student Tutorial.

Resources to Help Districts Prepare Teachers and Students

TEA recommends that districts use the SOA Student Tutorial with the SOA Student Tutorial Directions before the testing date to will familiarize students with the testing interface and with the audio component used in standardized oral administrations. 

  • Student Tutorial Directions (PDF)

    Like the STAAR test administration, directions are a must with the general assessments. The tutorial directions assist test administrators in preparing students to use the SOA online tutorial. Students must use when viewing the SOA Student Tutorial.

  • SOA Student Tutorial (external link)

    The SOA Student Tutorial includes a sampling of STAAR test questions for grade 4 reading, grade 4 mathematics, grade 8 science, and grade 8 social studies. Since this tutorial contains text-to-speech audio, use headphones if more than one student is using the tutorial in the same room. You do not have to download or install the STAAR SOA student tutorial. The tutorial is available through the browser-based version of TestNav 7. Click on the link above to launch the tutorial in your default Internet browser.

 STAAR Test Forms Used in the 2013 SOA Pilot

 STAAR SOA test forms that districts used in the April 2013 SOA pilot for grade 4 reading and mathematics and grade 8 science and social studies are available for districts to use with eligible students in grades 4, 7, and 8 who will be participating in a STAAR SOA in 2014.

The testing contractor will not score the test forms. The forms do not capture or display student information.  An answer key in PDF format is available for your convenience.

 Assessed CurriculumTest Forms
Answer Keys
Grade 4

ReadingReading  Reading  
MathematicsMathematics  Mathematics 
Grade 8

ScienceScience  Science
Social StudiesSocial Studies  Social Studies

    Administration of the Test

    If possible, districts should plan on administering SOA on the same days as the general administration of the assessment. Yet, districts have the flexibility to administer SOA on alternate days during the testing week, if needed. TEA allows for students to make up a test.

    If a situation arises, a student may switch from an online SOA to a paper test during the test administration. The district test coordinator should contact the TEA Student Assessment Division online team for help.

    For additional information, contact:

    Student Assessment Division     
    (512) 463-9536