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TEA News Releases Online April 10, 2014

AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Michael Williams announced that the 2013 Snapshot: School District Profiles is available on the Texas Education Agency website.

Snapshot is an on-line resource that provides an overview of public education in Texas for a particular school year. In addition to state-level information, this product contains a profile about the characteristics of each public school district and charter school.

Snapshot summary tables provide district information in some common categories, and a peer search function permits grouping districts according to shared characteristics. While Snapshot doesprovide an overview of public education in Texas at the state level and for each public school district, it does not provide any campus-level information.

To view the information from the 2013 Snapshot: School District Profilesor for previous years, visit the TEA website at: 

 For additional performance results for all Texas public school districts and campuses, visit the TEA Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS) website at