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TEA News Releases Online                                                                                        Sept. 23, 2013


 TEA reminder:
Current version of GED test to expire at end of 2013

Texas test-takers encouraged to finish and pass before test deadline


AUSTIN - The Texas Education Agency today issued a reminder to those seeking a high school equivalency credential that the current version of the GED test will expire at the end of 2013 and be replaced with the new 2014 Series GED test. The new GED test will officially be in place across the country on Jan. 2, 2014.

Those who have taken the 2002 Series GED test - but not completed the 2002 Series tests   - have until the end of 2013 to pass. On Jan. 2, 2014, those who have not completed all of the requirements for the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency under the 2002 series will need to complete their equivalency credential with the new 2014 Series GED test.

All potential test-takers are encouraged to begin the GED registration process immediately to ensure adequate time is available to complete testing. Since March, 48 computer-based GED testing centers have been added to the 130 existing paper-based testing centers across the state. Through the end of this year, test-takers can choose to take their exams on paper, computer or a combination of the two.

Five special paper-based GED testing sessions are scheduled in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in October and November. These testing sessions have been added to ensure that adult learners in that region (where limited testing dates and sites had previously been available) have ample opportunity to complete testing for the 2002 Series GED Test before the end of the year.

To find testing dates and locations, as well as schedule a spot for the GED Event Testing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, please visit: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/GEDEventTesting/.

To find a local GED Test Center in all areas of the state, please visit the Online Test Center Locator Service at: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/locate-a-testing-center.

General information on GED testing in Texas can be found at www.texged.com.