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Aug. 23, 2012


 TEA announces new transparency website
 for charter school applications  



AUSTIN - In an effort to further promote transparency in public education, the Texas Education Agency announced today that charter applications for schools launched since 2001 are now available for public review on the agency’s website.

The new database containing 160 charter applications for Generations 7 through 17 is available for review 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. Each new pool of charter applications is known as a generation. Typically, there is one applicant pool per year.

“Charter applications are some of TEA’s most frequently requested documents under the Texas Public Information Act,” said Todd Webster, TEA’s chief deputy commissioner. “By posting the applications online, citizens will have access to them at any time.”

The user-friendly data base can be sorted by: the name of the charter holder, generation, education service center region or application status.

The applications for those charter schools that were awarded a state contract are posted for Generations 7 (2001) through 15 (2010).

Beginning with Generation 16 (2011), any submitted charter application, whether the entity was granted a charter by the State Board of Education or not, is posted.  All applications for Generation 17, which are now under review and will be considered for approval by the board in November, are also posted.

The submitted applications are available online except student specific information has been redacted or blacked out and copyright or proprietary material is not posted. Copyright material may be reviewed by any requestor at the Texas Education Agency headquarters at 1701 N. Congress Ave. in Austin.

Staff members are now preparing Generations 1through 6 for posting to the website.