Supplemental Educational Service (SES) Provider Status 2012-2013


 TEA Completed Complaint Investigations:  

    Provider Name        

    Action (PDF, 651KB)   

    Resolution Letter

    1 to 1 Computer Tutoring

    Removed effective April 2, 2013

    1 to 1 Computer Tutoring Removal Letter (PDF, 69KB)

    Academic Myriad

    Removed effective August 21, 2013     Academic Myriad Removal Letter Final Notice (PDF, 75KB)

    Avenue Academy  

    Removed effective March 11, 2013

    Avenue Academy Removal Letter (PDF, 71KB)

    Above & Beyond Learning, Inc.

    Removed effective April 23, 2013

    Above & Beyond Learning, Inc. Removal Letter (PDF, 74KB) 

    Boost Academy

    Removed effective March 11, 2013

    Boost Academy Removal Letter (PDF, 56KB)

    Diverse Links DBA Diverse Learning, Inc.

    Removed effective April 4, 2013

    Diverse Learning Removal Letter (PDF, 98KB)

    Educational Advantage!, LLC

    Removed effective April 22, 2013     Educational Advantage Removal Letter (PDF, 61KB)

    Tutors with Tech

    Removed effective June 10, 2013     Tutors with Tech Removal Letter (PDF, 88KB) 

    Wise Links dba Champions Mind

    Removed effective May 29, 2013     Wise Links / Champions Mind Removal Letter (PDF, 56KB)


   Provider Name                   

   Action (PDF, 651KB) 

    Resolution Letter    

   Believe-N-U Youth Empowerment, LLC   

   Probation ending January 8, 2014

    Believe-N-U Youth Empowerment, LLC Probation Letter (PDF, 378KB)  

   Confidence Music, Inc., DBA Confidence   

   Education Group Confidence Music, Inc. 

   Probation ending October 14, 2013     Confidence Music Probation Letter (PDF, 140KB)
    Tutors With Computers        Probation ending February 28, 2014     Tutors With Computers Probation Letter (PDF, 284KB) 

   Variations Educational Services LLC

   Probation ending October 23, 2013     Variations Probation Letter (PDF, 131KB)        


 SES Providers Currently Under Review:  

  None pending at this time


 Agency records and information may be requested under the Texas Public Information Act through the Agency’s Public Information Office at: 


For additional information, contact:

Division of School Improvement and Support
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX  78701