School Health - Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI)

The Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) is a program designed to gather physical fitness data from Texas students for analysis to determine the relationship or correlation between student academic achievement, attendance, obesity, disciplinary problems, and school meal programs.

Why PFAI was Created

The Texas Education Code (TEC) §§38.101- 38.104 mandates that the Texas Education Agency complete the following objectives:

    1. Annually assess the physical fitness of students in grades three or higher in a course that satisfies the curriculum requirements for physical education under Section 28.002(a)(2)(C).
    2. Adopt an assessment instrument to be used by school districts.
    3. Compile the results of the physical fitness assessment captured by school districts and provide summary results to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
    4. Analyze the results received for each school district to determine whether a relationship exists between student academic achievement levels, attendance levels, obesity, student discipline problems, and school meal programs.

Important Information for 2014-15 School Year:

The information provided below is critical for the proper implementation of the Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) during the 2014-2015 school year.  Please read the following information thoroughly.

  • For information regarding the state license for FG 10 please contact Human Kinetics at 1-800-747-4457 or email
  • For technical assistance questions with FG 10 software please call 1-800-747-4457 or email
  • The PFAI/TEASE system and FG 10 will open on September 15, 2014. Fitness assessment data will be due by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 12, 2015. Submission of campus and district data can occur any time between September 15 and June 12.
  • You can review new information related to the FitnessGram® Standards at the Cooper Institute website (outside source).
  • Due to changes in federal and state ethnicity codes, schools will not be required to submit ethnicity data.
  •  If your school wishes to import ethnicity data into FitnessGram®, it will be filtered out as a part of the state data collection, but will still be useable at the local level.
  •  Human Kinetics will provided the annual update for the FitnessGram® software (outside source), and for web-based users on their website.  Notification will be sent through the School Health and Safety listserv when the update is made available each year.

More Information

Getting Started

FitnessGram® Procedures Manual

Frequently Asked Questions for uploading FitnessGram data to TEA

Aggregated Fitness Assessment Results

Report Generator

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