Highly Qualified Teacher Reports

NCLB requires states to report annually to the U.S. Department of Education the percentage of teachers who are not highly qualified.  States are also required to assess the extent to which teachers who are not highly qualified are assigned to teach in high-poverty areas.

State, Region, District, or Campus Reports

Use TEA’s Highly Qualified Teacher Report tool to summarize data about teachers and paraprofessionals at the state, region, district, or campus level. Instructions on using this tool  (PDF, 13KB) are available, as well as video instructions.

Beginning and End-of-Year Reports on State Aggregate, High-Poverty and Low-Poverty HQT Compliance 


Beginning-of-Year Reports (11/25/2014)


End-of-Year Reports (6/24/2014)

 Beginning-of-Year Reports (11/20/2013)


End-of-Year Reports (7/20/2013)

 Beginning-of-Year Reports (2/21/2013)


End-of-Year Reports (6/21/2012) 

Beginning-of-Year Reports (6/21/2012) 

End-of-Year Reports (6/15/2011)

Beginning-of-Year Reports (12/15/2010): 


End-of-Year Reports (6/28/2010): 

Beginning-of-Year Reports (12/15/2009):


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