2013-2017 State Board of Education Rule Review Plan

The State Board of Education (SBOE) conducts a four-year rule review of all its rules to ensure that "the reason for adopting or readopting the rule continues to exist." Texas Government Code, §2001.039, establishes this rule review for all state agency rules. The SBOE approved the following rule review plan in April 2013 and revised it in July 2013, April 2014, and November 2016. The plan only includes rules in effect at the time the SBOE approved the plan. Future changes to the plan will be available here.

Texas Education Code, §28.002(m), exempts the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from the rule review requirement; accordingly, this rule review plan does not include the rule chapters for the TEKS. Although the rules will not be reviewed as part of the rule review process, the SBOE conducts a review of the TEKS on a schedule determined by the SBOE. This review of the curriculum content is designed to align the adoption of textbook proclamations with the amendments to the TEKS.

Please note that amendments to rules specified in the plan may be proposed at different dates through a separate rulemaking process.

Use the following links to view the rule review plan either by the chapter number or by the date the review begins:

Rule Review Plan Sorted by Chapter
Rule Review Plan Sorted by Beginning Review Date  

State Board of Education Rules Currently Under Review



Review Period

Send a comment on whether the reason for adopting or readopting the rules continues to exist

Chapter 30. Administration

Subchapter A. State Board of Education: General Provisions

Subchapter B. State Board of Education: Purchasing and Contracts

December 9, 2016 - January/February 2017 SBOE meeting

Send a public comment on SBOE rules in Chapter 30 (Please specify the subchapter(s) to which your comments apply.)

For more information, email rules@tea.texas.gov