Financial Compliance




Annual Financial Reports

Each year, charter schools, education service centers, and school districts must have their annual financial and compliance report audited by an independent auditor. The resulting annual financial and compliance report must then be submitted to TEA for review.

Depository Contracts

A school district or charter holder must have a depository contract with any bank into which the TEA deposits state funds. For requirements and procedures related to depository contracts, select one of the following:

Electronic Submissions

Charter schools, education service centers, and school districts are required to submit their annual financial and compliance report in electronic format.  The electronic format submission consists of two files:  an Adobe Acrobat© Portable Document Format (PDF) file and a GASB data text file (the text file is not required from charter schools).  In addition, most charter schools and school districts are required to submit their state compensatory education district and campus improvement plans in PDF.

Fiscal Year Start Date Change

The fiscal year of a school district begins on July 1 or September 1, as determined by the board of trustees of the district.  In order to change the fiscal year start date, districts must file with TEA a Notification of Intent to Change the Fiscal Year Start Date form.


Presentations given by Financial Compliance staff at various conferences.

State Compensatory Education

State Compensatory Education is programs and/or services designed to supplement the regular education program for students identified as at risk of dropping out of school. The purpose is to increase the academic achievement and reduce the drop out rate of these students.

Superintendent Payment Disclosure Form

The Superintendent Payment Disclosure Form must be filed with the TEA not later than 60 days following execution of an agreement to make payments of any kind to a departing superintendent or any payment under such an agreement, whichever is sooner.  

Contact Information for Financial Compliance Staff  

The area code for all numbers is 512.    
 Baker, Patrick936-4628Bids & Contracts / Investigations / Transportation Reviews / CPA Reviews
 Dominguez, Elsa 463-7652Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews / Depository Contracts / Fiscal Year Change
 Escobedo, Gayle    475-2372Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews / Depository Contracts
 Hudspeth, John    463-9532Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews
 Hurd, Shalonda 463-7059Administrative Support
 Jons, Justin 475-1778FSP Reviews
 Loseke, David475-2155FSP Reviews
 Marx, David    463-2945Division Director
 Matheny, Christina463-9530FSP Reviews
 Martin, Tiffany936-1776Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews
 Moreno, Paul475-2228Manager, Financial Desk Reviews / Fiscal Year Change / Superintendent Buyouts 
 Munoz, John475-2032FSP Reviews
 Obregon, Alma    475-1993Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews /  Superintendent Buyouts 
 Richmond, Michael475-3403Manager, Investigations and FSP Reviews
 Sadler, Sunny936-1777Bids & Contracts / Investigations / Transportation Reviews / CPA Reviews
 Simank, Larry936-6981Annual Financial Reports Desk Reviews
 Suarez, Marcia475-1779FSP Reviews
 Williams, Karen936-6982FSP Reviews
 Yang, Yang475-3476FSP Reviews

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Division of Financial Compliance

Phone:  (512) 463-9095