Statement of Commissioner Michael L. Williams regarding the signing of House Bill 5


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TEA News Releases Online                                                                                        June 10, 2013



Statement of Commissioner Michael L. Williams 

regarding the signing of House Bill 5 


AUSTIN - Governor Rick Perry today signed House Bill 5 into law. Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams attended the bill signing ceremony and issued the following statement:

"House Bill 5 dramatically revises the number of high school student assessments required for graduation as well as overall graduation plans in Texas. In the long-term, these revisions will have a great impact on the state accountability system for schools, charters and districts. Details of that will be announced sometime in the future.

In the short-term, work to transition and implement the requirements of House Bill 5 is under way at the Texas Education Agency. While my staff has already been delving into those issues, we do not yet have answers to every question. However, I anticipate formally announcing the details as quickly as possible as I continue to hear from my staff, superintendents, educators and parents on the various issues important to assuring a smooth transition."