Selected Texas Title I Priority for Schools Grant Applications

As required by federal statute, all Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) grant program applications must be posted on the state education agency's website.  Listed below are links to copies of the selected TTIPS applications for the state of Texas.


Poteet ISD

007-906-001    Poteet High School

Belton ISD

104-902-005    Henry T Waskow High School


Por Vida Academy

015-801-002    Por Vida Academy - Corpus Christi Academy

015-801-003    Por Vida Academy - Cesar Chavez Academy


Southwest Preparatory School

015-807-001    Southwest Preparatory School - Northeast Campus

015-087-002    Southwest Preparatory School - Southeast Campus

015-807-004    Southwest Preparatory School - Northwest Campus


John H Wood Jr Public Charter District

015-808-001    John H Wood Jr Charter School at Afton Oaks

015-808-006    John H Wood Jr Charter School Grandbury 


George I Sanchez Charter High School San Antonio Branch

015-812-001    George I Sanchez Charter High School San Antonio Branch


Positive Solutions Charter School

015-814-001  Positive Solutions Charter School


San Antonio ISD

015-907-004    Fox Technical High School

015-907-006    Houston High School


Northside ISD

015-915-114    Westwood Terace Elemntary School


Brownsville ISD

031-901-001    Hanna High School

031-901-003    Pace High School

031-901-007    Lopez High School


La Feria ISD

031-905-002    La Feria Alternative Schools


Santa Rosa ISD

031-914-001    Santa Rosa High School


Celina ISD

043-903-001    Celina High School


Focus Learning Academy

057-817-101    Focus Learning Academy


Dallas ISD

 057-905-003    A Maceo Smith High School

057-905-013    Franklin D Roosevelt High School

057-905-017    H Grady Spruce High School


Paso Del Norte

071-803-001    Paso Del Norte Academy


El Paso ISD

071-902-020    School-Age Parent Center

071-902-022    Sunset High School

071-902-027    Telles Academy


Dickinson ISD

084-901-001    Dickinson High School


Galveston ISD

084-902-001    Ball High School


George I Sanchez Charter

101-804-001    George I Sanchez High School


North Forest ISD

101-909-003    North Forest High School


Houston ISD

101-912-006    Jones High School

101-912-007    Kashmere High School

101-912-009    Lee High School

101-912-023    Sharpestown High School

101-912-029    Contemporary Learning Center High School

101-912-327    New Aspirations


Pasadena ISD

101-917-048    Miller Intermediate School

101-917-113    Pomeroy Elementary School



105-906-004    Academy High School


One Stop Multiservice Charter School

108-801-003    One Stop Multiservice - Weslaco 

108-801-004    Sentry Technology Prep School

108-801-006    Children of the Sun - Rio Grande City


Mid-Valley Academy

108-804-001    Mid-Valley Academy

108-804-002    Mid-Valley Academy - McAllen 

108-804-003    Mid-Valley Academy (9-12)


Edinburg CISD

108-904-040    Juvenile Detention Center


Mercedes ISD

108-907-002    Mercedes Academic Academy


Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

108-909-045    San Juan Middle School


La Joya ISD

108-912-004    Juarez-Lincoln High School

108-912-007    La Joya Palmview High School


Beaumont ISD

123-910-012    Paul A Brown Alternative Center


Alice ISD

125-901-001    Alice High School


Kingsville ISD

137-901-001    H M King High School


Lometa ISD

141-902-001   Lometa School


South Plains ISD

152-803-001    South Plains Academy


Lubbock ISD

152-901-021    Estacado High School


Corpus Christi ISD

178-904-134    Smith Elementary School


Boys Ranch ISD

180-901-003    Starr Academy


Azleway Charter School

212-803-001    Azleway Charter School 

212-803-002    Azleway Charter School Pine Mountain


Fort Worth ISD

220-905-016    O D Wyatt High School

220-905-062    International Newcomer Academy

220-905-159    V L Williams Elementary School

220-905-208    T A Sims Elementary School


Abilene ISD

221-901-001    Abilene High School


Austin ISD

227-901-006    Reagan High School

227-901-007  Travis High School


Victoria ISD

235-902-006    Profit Magnet High School


Raven School

236-801-001    Raven School


Floresville ISD

247-901-004    Floresville Choice


For additional information, contact:

Division of NCLB Program Coordination
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX  78701