Grant Expenditures, Division of Grants Administration

Use of Expenditure Reporting System to Receive Grant Payments


Grantees in good standing are required to use the Expenditure Reporting (ER) system to record expenditures and request payment. Grantees are strongly encouraged to request payments through ER at least monthly to avoid the impression that activities are not being conducted and/or funds are not being expended.

In order to access the ER system, every individual who reports and/or certifies expenditures is required to have a TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) username and password. These are not to be shared with any other user for security reasons; each user will have his or her own unique username and password.

If you have not yet applied for a TEASE account, you may use one of the following links:

Expenditure Reporting Access for School Districts, ESCs, Open Enrollment Charter Schools (Online Request)

Expenditure Reporting Access for Colleges, Universities, Non-profits (Faxed Request)

After approval, the username and password will be e-mailed to you.

Grantees are advised to consult the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) and the instructions included in the RFA/SAS package for requirements for their specific grant program.