HQT Continuous Improvement Plan Process

The deadline for submitting PR1100 Highly Qualified Teacher surveys in eGrants has been extended to Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

As indicated in the letter titled "Implications of NCLB Flexibility Waiver", Highly Qualified requirements have not changed. The only reporting change is that districts that are required to create a Continuous Improvement Plan, Focus Data Analysis, or a Notification Memo by December 16, 2013 no longer have to submit those documents to TEA and are to keep those documents on file at the district level. This deadline impacts LEAs that report less than 100% Highly Qualified Teachers and LEAs that initially submitted a campus report after the November 19, 2013 deadline.

Districts that are required to create a Paraprofessional Action Plan must still submit those plans to TEA by December 16, 2013.

TEA is in the process of reviewing the Focused Data Analysis. Until that review is complete, districts are not required to complete the Focused Data Analysis. Upon completion of the review, TEA will notify those districts that need to complete the Focused Data Analysis or an amended version of the analysis and will indicate a new deadline for completion.



 In accordance with Section 2141 of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act and Texas’ State Highly Qualified Teacher Plan, any local education agency (LEA) not reporting 100% of core academic subject area classes as being taught by highly qualified teachers (HQTs) is required to determine its reasons for non-compliance and develop a plan to bring the LEA into compliance.  This process includes the creation of a Highly Qualified Teacher Focused Data Analysis (HQTFDA) report and development of a Highly Qualified Teacher Continuous Improvement Plan (HQTCIP).


General Forms and Documents

Notification Letter of Required HQTFDA and HQTCIP  (PDF, 143KB ) is the letter notifying district administrators of Highly Qualified Teacher data analysis and improvement plan requirement for LEAs not meeting 100% HQT requirements to be released November 19, 2013.

Attachment PDF  (PDF, 23KB) contains instructions for LEAs that did not meet the 100% HQ requirement solely due to teachers that fall under the “new secondary multi-subject teachers in rural districts” or “new multi-subject special education teachers” flexibility options.

Highly Qualified Teacher Focused Data Analysis (HQTFDA)

 HQTFDA Instructions (PDF, 62KB)  

Equity Process Flow Chart (PDF, 34KB) 

Equity Distribution Report Explanation (PDF, 36KB)

Poverty Sample Report (PDF, 14KB)

Minority Sample Report (PDF, 28KB)

 HQTFDA Report Template – Required (Word, 43KB, Form-Fill format)  


Highly Qualified Teacher Continuous Improvement Plan (HQTCIP)

  HQTCIP Report Template – Required (Word, 97KB, Form-Fill format)   

 HQTCIP - Instructions (PDF, 47KB)  

Campus level HQTCIP is now included in the District level HQTCIP as Part II: Teachers that do not meet HQ requirements.

Highly Qualified Paraprofessional Action Plan (PAP)

LEAs not reporting 100% Paraprofessionals who provide instructional support in a Title I, Part A program, are required to complete the PAP.

PAP Report Template (Word, 43KB, Form-Fill format)     

Instructions for PAP Report (PDF, 29KB)    

For additional information, contact:

Division of Educator Initiatives
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX  78701