Professional Development Opportunities & Continuing Professional Education

This page offers a listing of Professional Development & Continuing Professional Education (CPE)  providers approved by TEA, all approved CPE providers are required to provide the Educator with a certificate of completion as well as how many hours were obtained in the training upon completion of the CPE course.  To become an approved CPE provider and be listed on this page as a free CPE provider, an application is needed (PDF, 380KB)

Continuing Professional Development Providers, also be sure to download the Teachers Tracking Worksheet found on that same page.


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

TAMU AgriLife Extension (outside source)

Online modules for Teachers serving special populations, approved CPE provider.  Free online account, enrollment and certificates.


 MyCourseRoom (outside source) 

 MyCourseRoom, where continuing education is always free, is a credentialed provider of CEU, CPE, PDU, and CPHQ. Learners can sign up, take credentialed courses, and print their course certificates for free.


TG online opportunities (outside source)

TG offers regular webinars on a variety of topics, including Title IV policy and regulations, industry trends and issues, financial literacy, TG products and services, and professional development topics, be sure to follow their guidance on how to obtain your CPE certificate after you have completed your class.


Doing What Works (DWW)

Doing What Works (outside source) (If you take a class that is not an approved provider you can use this towards your optional Independent Study hours.) DWW is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of DWW is to create an online library of resources that may help teachers, schools, districts, states and technical assistance providers implement research-based instructional practice.

DWW is led by the Office of Planning, Evaluation & Policy Development (OPEPD) at the U.S. Department of Education. OPEPD relies on the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) at the U.S. Department of Education (and occasionally other entities that adhere to standards similar to those of IES) to evaluate and recommend practices that are supported by rigorous research.

Project Share

Project Share (outside source), an interactive and engaging learning environment for all Texas public and open enrollment charter schools. (If you take a class that is not an approved provider you can use this towards your optional Independent Study hours.)


Texas Christian University , School of Education

  Contemporary Issues in Biology (outside source)

There has never been a more exciting yet challenging time to teach science, particularly biological science. Each day our newspapers and news magazines contain extraordinary new discoveries in biological science. The challenge for biology teachers is to keep up with these exciting discoveries and to bring this excitement into their classrooms.

This module was developed by Dr. Ray Drenner (Biology Department) and Dr. Molly Weinburgh ( School of Education ) at Texas Christian University and is based on a course designed and implemented for non-biology majors in 1999. Funds for the development and dissemination of Contemporary Issues in Biology: A Module for Teacher Training were provided by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Education Agency. 

Texas Education Agency, Environmental Education Advisory Council (TEEAC)

Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (outside source)

The Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee coordinates with other state agencies that are charged with the development of environmental education materials. TEEAC cooperates with a network of 120 providers of environmental education professional development, including universities, industry, museums and nature centers. This network of TEEAC Sites and Programs helps assure that teacher professional development offered by formal and non-formal providers is educationally sound and consistent with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
To receive a TEEAC Certificate of Recognition, teachers and other educators take approved workshops at TEEAC Sites. At the completion of the workshop, they receive stickers, which are placed on a Coursework Verification Form. When 45 hours of stickers are recorded on the Coursework Verification Form, it is sent in to Irene Pickhardt, Texas Education Agency, 1701 North Congress, Austin , Texas 78701 .
Check this list of TEEAC Workshops or contact the site directly for current workshop information.

University of Texas - Austin , Center for Reading and Language Arts

The Vaughn Gross Center (outside source) currently hosts four online resources.

Online professional development provides exciting opportunities for educators to learn more about scientifically-based reading research, communicate with other educators about reading, and ask questions of reading specialists.

Technology Applications Teacher Network

  Technology Applications Teacher Network (outside source) 

This website contains resources that can be used by staff development personnel to train district staff in the successful integration of technology in the classroom. This website addresses three areas:

  1. instructional practices for teaching the high school technology applications course
  2. strategies for integrating technology into core content areas (math, science, social studies, and language arts)
  3. teaching the technology applications TEKS in the K-8 curriculum