Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring (BTIM)

Purpose of BTIM

The purpose of the Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring (BTIM) program is to establish or enhance a beginning teacher induction and mentoring program designed to increase retention of beginning teachers. Texas Education Code §21.458 states that public school districts and open enrollment charter schools may assign a qualified mentor teacher to each classroom teacher who has less than two years of teaching experience in a subject area or grade level.

Grant Funds

Grant funds can be used for:

  • mentor stipends,
  • mentor training, and
  • mentor release time to meet/observe the beginning teachers

Mentor Teacher Requirements

To the extent practicable, a teacher mentor must:

  • teach in the same school;
  • teach the same subject or grade level as applicable; and
  • meet qualifications as determined by the commissioner.

Mentor teachers are required to have:

  • have at least three complete years of teaching experience and a superior history of improving student performance.
  • have completed of a research-based mentor and induction training program approved by the commissioner;
  • have completed of a mentor training program provided by the district

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