Technology Support through Education Service Centers

Twenty regional education service centers (ESCs) were created in Texas to provide school districts with services that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and the performance of students, teachers, administrators, and school personnel. Each ESC provides technology services, trainings, and programs.

Examples of ESC Technology Center activities include the following:

  • Provide a regional network for Internet connectivity, distance learning, and email
  • Develop collaboratives and partnerships between districts and with vendors
  • Provide access to and collaborative pricing of educational resources, both for evaluation and purchase
  • Develop and deliver professional staff development to help teachers and administrators learn the skills and strategies necessary to integrate technology into the four key areas of the Long-Range Plan for Technology in their schools
  • Assist districts with the state's educational technology initiatives
  • Support the Technology Applications TEKS
  • Offer professional development and certification programs in Technology Applications
  • Help districts develop technology plans and provide a peer review for these plans
  • Assist districts with E-Rate and other technology funding opportunities
  • Find and communicate grant opportunities, develop collaboratives for grants, and implement grants
  • Coordinate and support distance learning in the region for equitable and efficient offering of student courses (both regular and concurrent enrollment), administrative and teacher staff development, and worldwide education enhancement activities
  • Provide technical assistance through onsite visits, email, and telephone

More information about the 20 education service centers in Texas is available from the Education Service Centers page.