General Information for Educator Preparation Programs

All educator preparation programs are governed by Texas Administrative Code rules and monitored for quality by Texas Education Agency Division of Educator Standards. Programs are responsible for implementing current rules, content and best practices as they prepare future teachers and administrators. 

The State Board for Educator Certification was created by the Texas Legislature in 1995 to recognize public school educators as professionals and grant educators the authority to govern the standards of their profession. The Board oversees all aspects of the preparation, certification and standards of conduct of public school educators quarterly to rule on issues affecting educator preparation programs.

The State Board for Educator Certification is statutorily authorized to appoint members of advisory committees to the Board.  The Educator Standards Advisory Committee  (PDF 28 KB) also meets quarterly to provide input and guidance to TEA on educator preparation program matters. 

The Division of Educator Certification and Standards has an advisory committee to participate in decision making about the governance of educataor Preparation programs. Intersted persons can submit and Advisory Committee Member Nomination. (PDF 176 KB)

The Division of Educator Certification and Standards periodically convenes committees of educators and educator preparation staff to participate in the development of content standards and certification tests. Interested persons can submit an Educator Certification Committee Application. (PDF, 177 KB)

Bulletin Board

  • February 21, 2012: each educator preparation program should have now received the information about Title II reporting, due April 30, 2012, and the IPRC login information from Westat. Programs can read more Texas-specific guidance (PDF, 130 KB)and search a CIP Code Crosswalk (PDF, 101KB).
  • To register for Division of Educator Standards webinars for approved educator preparation programs, please contact your program specialist.  

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