Texas Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS)



The Texas Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS), formerly the Texas School Readiness Certification System (SRCS), evaluates the effectiveness of prekindergarten, Head Start, and community-based licensed child care programs in preparing children for kindergarten. The KRS analyzes data from participating prekindergarten programs and from each student's kindergarten reading diagnostic instrument administered at the beginning of the child's kindergarten year. The analysis results in designation of prekindergarten programs that are successful in preparing students for kindergarten school entry.


Prekindergarten, licensed ;child care (for-profit and nonprofit), and Head Start programs that are part of the Texas School Ready! grant program and the Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI) are required to enter data into the KRS. For all other prekindergarten, licensed child care, and Head Start programs, KRS is strongly encouraged and at no cost to the participant.

About KRS

The Texas Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS) recognizes excellence in Texas early childhood education programs across the state. Any Texas school district PreK program, licensed child care center or Head Start program currently serving prekindergartners can apply to be a PreK CENTER OF EXCELLENCE at no cost to their program. Designations will be awarded by the Texas Education Agency in 2013. 

  • KRS recognizes the positive impact of your PreK program with a "PreK Center of Excellence" designation.
  • The KRS program values local control and creative classroom efforts that prepare preschoolers for success in kindergarten.
  • Your PreK program can join KRS using a simple and web-based application process.
  • The PreK Center of Excellence designation is considered a gold standard in high quality PreK by the State of Texas.
  • This program is voluntary and offered at no charge.

Apply to be a PreK Center of Excellence, and let parents and your community know your program cares about giving their children the very best start when they enter kindergarten.

This program is offered through a partnership with the Texas Education Agency and Region 17 Education Service Center.


Data from KRS is used in the process to determine kindergarten readiness.

Features of KRS:

  • Web-based system for early childhood education programs to submit information for designation as a PreK Center of Excellence
  • Research-based and fully integrated with PEIMS data information
  • Student-level data collected at the prekindergarten and kindergarten level
  • Only early childhood quality rating system in the country linking prekindergarten activities in public school, Head Start, and community-based licensed child care programs to kindergarten outcomes at the student level.

Funding Information


SRCS-FY 2011$7,500,000
KRS Kindergarten Data Collection FY 2012 (One-time expense)$1,200,000
KRS, including Prekindergarten Data Collection, Kindergarten Data Collection and Certification$5,000,000

Laws and Rules

Texas Education Code §29.161 



Department of Federal and State Education Policy
Howard Morrison, howard.morrison@tea.texas.gov