Instructional Materials and Educational Technology Staff

 If you have questions regarding instructional materials or educational technology, you can contact us by phone or email.

General Contact Information

Instructional Materials and Educational Technology
1701 North Congress Avenue, Room 3-110
Austin, Texas 78701-1494

Phone:  (512) 463-9601
Fax: (512) 475-3612

Review and Adoption:
Instructional Materials:
Educational Technology:

Instructional Materials and Educational Technology Staff

Kelly Callaway, Interim Director, Instructional Materials and Educational Technology:
Vacant, Administrative Assistant:
Vacant, Administrative Assistant:  

Review and Adoption
Vacant, Director, Review and Adoption: 
Lorelei Miller, Review and Adoption Supervisor:
Vacant, Budget and Analysis Coordinator:
Amie Phillips, Review and Adoption Specialist:
Cassandra Pignato, Review and Adoption Specialist:
Janika Imafidon, Review and Adoption Specialist: 
Sarah Ramirez, Review and Adoption Specialist:  

Instructional Materials Distribution and Accessibility
Kelly Griffin, Director, Distribution and Accessibility:
Janet Warren, Distribution Coordinator:
Tammy Torres, Accessible Instructional Materials Coordinator: 
Vacant, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist: 
Latrice Burleson, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist:
Merry Canales, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist:  

Educational Technology
Kerry Ballast, Director, Educational Technology:    
Karen Kahan, Educational Technology Coordinator:
Kathy Ferguson, Educational Technology Specialist:
Richard LaGow, Educational Technology Specialist:
Tammy Brite, Educational Technology Specialist: 
Katie Woodson, Educational Technology Specialist: