TPEIR data warehouse website completely redesigned

The Texas Education Agency recently launched a completely redesigned website for the Texas P-20 Public Education Information Resource (TPEIR), a longitudinal data warehouse that links students from pre-K through enrollment and graduation from Texas colleges (P-20).

In addition to more than 20 years of P-12 and higher education data from Texas colleges and universities and information on teacher certification and teacher preparation programs, the warehouse was recently expanded to include pre-kindergarten, college readiness, and workforce (wage, industry, and employment) data.

The newly redesigned website provides reports in the following areas:
• PK-12 data: prekindergarten programs, kindergarten readiness, state assessment results for educator preparation programs, staff and teachers, and high school graduates
• High school to college: college admissions test results, Advanced Placement course and examination results, college-ready graduates, and dual credit enrollment
• Higher education: college admissions and enrollment of public school graduates, persistence in college, and college graduation
• School to employment: college enrollment and/or employment of public school graduates and employment earnings by level of educational attainment
• Educators: teacher certification information and student performance by educator preparation program and teacher years of experience