Approved Educator Standards(1)

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) creates standards for beginning educators. These standards are focused upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the required statewide public school curriculum. They reflect current research on the developmental stages and needs of children from Early Childhood (EC) through Grade 12.

Classroom Teaching Certificate Standards

The Classroom Teaching Certificate standards are for all classroom teaching certificates.

Elementary Certificate Standards

Generalist EC-6 standards include: 

Generalist EC-6 Standards    
Art Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 68 KB)           Physical Education Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 73 B)
English Language Arts and Reading Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 152KB)   Music Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 92 KB)
Health Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 79 KB)Science Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 152 KB)
Mathematics Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 129 KB)Social Studies Generalist EC-6 (PDF, 157 KB)


Bilingual Generalist (Grades EC-6): The standards include Generalist (EC-Grade 6) and Bilingual Education (PDF, 81 KB).

ESL Generalist (Grades EC- 6): The standards include Generalist (EC-Grade 6) and English as a Second Language (PDF, 98KB).

Middle School Certificate Standards

The standards for grades 4-8 certificates are found below.

Generalist (Grades 4-8) standards include: 

Generalist 4-8 Standards 

English Language Arts and Reading 4-8 (PDF, 174 KB)Science 4-8 (PDF, 41 KB)
Mathematics 4-8 (PDF, 45 KB)   

Social Studies 4-8 (PDF, 50 KB)


Bilingual Generalist (Grades 4-8): The standards include Generalist (4-8) and Bilingual Education (PDF, 81 KB).

English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8) (PDF, 113KB)

English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies (Grades 4-8): The standards include English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8) (PDF, 113KB) and Social Studies (4-8) (PDF,180KB)

ESL Generalist (Grades 4-8): The standards include Generalist (4-8) and English as a Second Language (PDF, 98KB).

Mathematics (Grades 4-8) 9PDF, 148KB)

Mathematics/Science (Grades 4-8): The standards include Mathematics (Grades 4-8) (PDF, 148KB) and Science (Grades 4-8) (PDF,191KB).

Science (Grades 4-8) (PDF,191KB)

Social Studies (4-8) (PDF,180KB)

Secondary Certificate Standards

The standards for secondary certificates are found below.

Agricultural Sciences and Technology (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 77KB)

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 110KB) 

Business and Finance (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 152KB)

Business Education (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 112KB)

Chemistry (Grades 8-12) (PDF,123KB), Chemistry (Grades 7-12) (PDF,123KB): The chemistry framework was developed from the physical science framework. The chemistry framework includes relevant standards in four domains: scientific inquiry and processes, matter and energy, chemical reactions, science learning, and instruction and assessment.

Computer Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 189KB)

Dance (Grades 8-12) (PDF,105KB)

English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 124KB), English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 100KB)

Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 125KB)

Health Science (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 113KB)

Health Science Technology Education (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 150 KB)

History (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 180 KB)History (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 48KB)

Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Sciences (PDF, 125 KB): The standards include sections I, IV, and V from Family and Consumer Sciences Composite (Grades 6-12).

Human Development and Family Studies (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 125 KB): The standards include sections I, II, and III from Family and Consumer Sciences Composite (Grades 6-12).

Journalism (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 113KB)Journalism (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 144KB)

Life Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF,191KB)Life Science (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 91KB)

Marketing Education (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 111KB)Marketing (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 86KB)

Mathematics (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 148KB),  Mathematics (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 156KB)

Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering (Grades 8-12): The standards include Mathematics (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 148KB), Physical Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF,191KB), and Engineering (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 120KB) .

Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering (Grades 6-12): The standards include Mathematics (Grades 7-12) (PDF. 156KB), Physical Science (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 123KB), and Engineering (Grades 8-12) PDF, 120KB).

Mathematics/Physics (Grades 8-12): The standards include Mathematics (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 148KB) and the Physics portion of Physical Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF,191KB).

Mathematics/Physics (Grades 7-12): The standards include Mathematics (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 156KB) and the Physics portion of Physical Science (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 123KB).

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities for Trade and Industrial Education (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 126KB)

Physical Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF,191KB)Physical Science (Grades 6-12) (PDF,123KB)

Science (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 191KB)Science (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 102KB)

Social Studies (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 180KB), Social Studies (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 336KB)

Speech (Grades 7-12) (PDF, 145KB)

Technology Applications (Grades 8-12) (PDF, 289KB) 

Technology Education (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 165KB)

Trade and Industrial Education: Professional Responsibilities (Grades 6-12) (PDF, 80KB)

All-level Certificate Standards

The standards for all-level certificates are found below.

American Sign Language - written (Grades EC-12) (PDF, 56KB)

Art (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 103 KB)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 113KB)

Health (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 98KB)

Languages other than English (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 123 KB)

Music (Grades EC-12) (PDF, 115KB)

Physical Education (Grades EC-12) (WORD, 780KB)

Special Education (EC-Grade 12) (WORD, 774KB)

Technology Applications (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 289KB)

Theatre (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 109KB) 

Supplemental Certificate Standards

The standards for supplemental certificates are found below.

Bilingual Education (PDF, 81 KB) 

Bilingual Target Language Proficiency (PDF, 86 KB)

English as a Second Language (PDF, 98KB)  

Gifted and Talented (Supplemental) (PDF, 85KB)

Teacher Of Students with Visual Impairments Supplemental (includes Braille) (Grades EC-12) (PDF, 129 KB)

Standards for All Teachers

All teachers must meet the the following standards:

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (EC-Grade 12) (PDF, 162KB)

Technology Applications (All Beginning Teachers)(PDF, 289 KB)): These Technology Applications standards are expected of all beginning teachers and are incorporated into the new Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) for Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities.

Administrative Certificate Standards

The standards for administrative certificates are found below.

Principal (§241.15)

Superintendent (§242.15)

Student Services Certificate Standards

The standards for student services certificates are found below.

Educational Diagnostician (§239.83)

Reading Specialist (EC-Grade 12)

School Counselor (§239.15)

School Librarian (§239.55)

Master Teacher Certificate Standards

The standards for Master Teacher certificates are found below.

Master Mathematics Teacher (PDF, 250KB)

Master Reading Teacher (PDF, 49KB)

Master Science Teacher (PDF, 205 KB)

Master Technology Teacher (PDF, 175 KB)