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The Student Assessment Division manages and oversees the development, administration, scoring, and analysis of the Texas assessment program, which includes the following assessments:

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06/10/16     House Bill 1164 Writing Assessment Program Pilot Study for the 2016-2018
                   School Years 
06/10/16     Request for Applications to Participate in the 2016-2018 Writing Pilot Program
                   Pursuant to House Bill (HB) 1164, 2015 Texas Legislature, this is to notify education
                   service centers (ESCs) and Texas school districts that the Texas Education Agency
                   is now accepting applications by ESCs for the writing pilot study program.
                   Applications are due no later than July 11, 2016.
05/06/16     Texas Notification of Intent to Request Waiver From Assessing Speaking & Listening
                   in ELA Assessments
04/29/16     December 2015 STAAR Constructed Response Scoring: Questions and Answers
2016 STAAR Test Administrator Manuals
Clarification of Information Provided in the 2016 DCCM
01/29/16     2016 STAAR Online Tutorials and Practice Tests Announcement
11/05/15     December 2015 DCCM Supplement
10/13/15     2016–2017 Student Assessment Testing Calendar
10/13/15     Development of the 2016–2017 Student Assessment Testing Calendar
08/20/15     Updates to the 2015–2016 Testing Calendar
08/19/15     Implementation of New Student Assessment Contracts
08/14/15     2015 Summer STAAR End-of-Course Raw Score Conversion Tables
08/11/15     2015 STAAR Statewide Item Analysis Reports
08/10/15     2015 STAAR Released Test Questions
08/07/15     July 2015 TAKS Raw Score Conversion Tables
08/07/15     June 2015 5 & 8 Final Statewide Summary Reports
08/07/15     Student Assessment TETN Schedule
03/04/15     2016 Spring STAAR Alternate 2 Essence Statements