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The Student Assessment Division manages and oversees the development, administration, scoring, and analysis of the Texas assessment program, which includes the following assessments:


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What's New in Student Assessment

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05/06/16     Texas Notification of Intent to Request Waiver From Assessing Speaking & Listening in ELA Assessments
04/29/16     December 2015 STAAR Constructed Response Scoring: Questions and Answers
2016 STAAR Test Administrator Manuals
Clarification of Information Provided in the 2016 DCCM
01/29/16     2016 STAAR Online Tutorials and Practice Tests Announcement
11/05/15     December 2015 DCCM Supplement
10/13/15     2016–2017 Student Assessment Testing Calendar
10/13/15     Development of the 2016–2017 Student Assessment Testing Calendar
08/20/15     Updates to the 2015–2016 Testing Calendar
08/19/15     Implementation of New Student Assessment Contracts
08/14/15     2015 Summer STAAR End-of-Course Raw Score Conversion Tables
08/11/15     2015 STAAR Statewide Item Analysis Reports
08/10/15     2015 STAAR Released Test Questions
08/07/15     July 2015 TAKS Raw Score Conversion Tables
08/07/15     June 2015 5 & 8 Final Statewide Summary Reports
08/07/15     Student Assessment TETN Schedule
03/04/15     2016 Spring STAAR Alternate 2 Essence Statements