Internal Auditing

House Bill 16 (83rd Legislature, Regular Session) requires the Texas Education Agency to post its 2014 fiscal year audit plan and 2013 Internal Audit Annual Report on the agency’s website.  The agency is required by the Texas Internal Auditing Act to submit an Internal Audit Annual Report each year to the Governor’s Office, the Legislative Budget Board, the Sunset Advisory Commission, and the State Auditor’s office.  This report is due to the above agencies by Nov. 1st of each year.

The Agency’s FY 2014 Approved Internal Audit Plan and the Internal Audit Annual Report can be accessed from the following links below:

2014 TEA Internal Audit Plan (PDF, 22KB)

2013 TEA Annual Internal Audit Report (PDF, 442KB)

For additional information about these documents, please contact the Internal Audit Office at (512) 463-9846.