CSCOPE is a curriculum management system created by Texas Education Service Centers with assistance from content experts. It is now used in 875 public school districts, charter schools and private schools in Texas, which educate 34 percent of the state's total student population.

Neither the State Board of Education nor the Texas Education Agency were involved in the development of CSCOPE. However because of concerns raised by parents and educators about CSCOPE, Barbara Cargill, chair of the State Board of Education, at the behest of the Senate Education Committee chair, appointed an ad hoc committee to review CSCOPE content. Members of the committee currently are:

  • SBOE members Marty Rowley, R-Amarillo, chair of the ad hoc committee;
  • SBOE member Mavis Knight, D-Dallas;
  • SBOE member Pat Hardy, R-Fort Worth;
  • SBOE member Tom Maynard, R-Florence;

The chair’s ad hoc committee appointed review panels to examine the CSCOPE instructional content, beginning with social studies. A public process solicited nominations for the review panels composed of parents, educators, curriculum specialists, business professionals and other stakeholders.

Reviewers used an issues matrix as they reviewed the lessons.

The review is now complete and the findings have been posted.

 Please note that CSCOPE was renamed the TEKS Resource System in August 2013.

Video or audio files for the CSCOPE meetings are available below.

Video of Nov. 19 meeting of the CSCOPE Ad Hoc Committee

Video of Sept. 13 public hearing

Audio of Aug. 17, 2013 meeting of the CSCOPE Ad Hoc Committee (MP3)
Audio of March 29, 2013 organizational meeting of the CSCOPE Ad Hoc committee (MP3)