Instructional Materials Ordering and Distribution Announcements

Important announcements from the Distribution and Accessibility Unit are posted on this page as they occur. Check back frequently for new announcements.

Instructional Materials Allotment Certification and Access to EMAT

Districts and open-enrollment charter schools must certify each year to the State Board of Education and the Commissioner that students have access to the instructional materials that cover all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each subject in the required curriculum. Certification must be signed and submitted to TEA before districts and open-enrollment charter schools can submit any requisitions or disbursements for the 2014-2015 school year. Instructions for completing the certification are located at Instructional Materials Certification Form Instructions (PDF).

The Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) and TEKS Certification form must be presented to the local board of trustees or governing body and signed by the superintendent, local board president, and board secretary before TEA accepts it. Districts and open-enrollment charter schools may scan and email the signed form to or fax the signed form to (512) 475-3612.

Districts and open-enrollment charter schools may also mail the signed form to:
    Texas Education Agency
    Instructional Materials and Educational Technology
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX 78701

For help with your IMA TEKS Certification or access to EMAT, please contact the Instructional Materials and Educational Technology Division at (512) 463-9601 or email at

Instructions for Shipping Surplus Braille and Large Type Textbooks to the STRC

The Special Textbook Redistribution Center (STRC) accepts Braille and Large Type instructional materials no longer needed from November 3, 2014, through April 3, 2015. 

Instructions for shipping surplus Braille and Large Type instructional materials to the STRC can be found on the Accessible Instructional Materials webpage.

Salary Disbursement Request Instructions

With the passage of SB 6, school districts and charter schools can use their IMA funds:

  • to pay to train educational personnel involved in student learning in the appropriate use of instructional materials and to provide access to technological equipment for
    instructional use;
  • to pay the salary and other expenses of an employee who provides technical support of technological equipment directly involved in student learning.

Allotment disbursement requests for salaries are approved in three increments per school year. Districts are responsible for submitting the separate disbursement requests, indicating the pay period on each submission. The requests are submitted in EMAT:

  • the end of November
  • the end of February
  • the end of the contract date for the current school year

Each request for salaries covers the dates as indicated below:

  • November–September, October, November
  • February–December, January, February
  • End of contract for the current school year – March–August (as applicable)

The requested disbursement for salaries is always reimbursed to the district’s payroll for this person.