ePlan Components--Introduction

Technology plan components are provided as a resource to use while developing a district technology plan. The following instructions assist districts in completing the Introduction component of the district's ePlan in the Texas ePlan System:

  • District and Contact Information
    Changes made in the Texas ePlan, such as updating a principal's name, only affect the district's information in the ePlan system. To ensure accuracy of information in other state-based systems, this information must also be updated in the centralized AskTED (Texas Education School Directory) database. Notice that the Campus ID and Region number are not editable.

  • Demographics of the District
    Use the data submitted in the E-Rate application for the current year.
  • Connectivity and Computer Access Information
    Include connectivity information and student/teacher ratios.
  • Technology Expenditures
    This field is filled in automatically using calculations performed on data entered in the ePlan system.
  • Texas STaR Chart Completion
    The Campus STaR Chart Completion data is prepopulated into the ePlan system. This data cannot be changed.
  • Number of Years Covered by the Plan
    Enter the number of years covered by the plan (1, 2, or 3) before entering budget information. The number of years may be changed later.
  • Technology Planning Committee Description
    Ensure that the committee includes representatives from all stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, librarians, students, parents, community leaders, business representatives, and other educational partners.

  • Executive Summary
    Include a short overview of the plan, how and why it came to be, and what it hopes to accomplish (two page maximum). Ensure that the information focuses on how the technology benefits teaching and learning.