The Texas ePlan system is an electronic resource provided by TEA that allows districts and charter schools to prepare and submit a technology plan through an online process. The technology plan is also reviewed and approved online.


Continued planning and documentation are necessary to implement the recommendations in the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) and demonstrate progress in its implementation through biennial reports prepared by TEA. As required by Texas Education Code §39.334, the biennial reports are shared with the governor, the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, each member of the legislature, the Legislative Budget board, and the clerks of the standing committees of the senate and house of representatives with primary jurisdiction over the public school system.

While funding for the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Title II, Part D–Enhancing Education Through Technology program of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was discontinued, the law is still in effect. Districts should continue to incorporate strategies for meeting the recommendations of the LRPT and the goals specified in NCLB Title II, Part D using the ePlan system.

Technology plans help districts effectively use technology to ensure students, educators, administrators, and support personnel achieve the school district’s goals. Technology plans should align with district improvement plans and the LRPT.

TEA requires public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to submit a technology plan through the ePlan system. The plan allows districts and charters to maintain eligibility for various state and federal programs and also serves as a valuable reference tool when

  • evaluating current technology;
  • identifying areas of need;
  • determining goals, objectives, and strategies to meet those needs; and
  • allocating funds to meet goals and objectives.  

ePlan Information

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