State-Adopted Instructional Materials

You can find current state-adopted instructional materials in the Instructional Materials 2014-2015 Adoption Bulletin. School districts use the multiple list code (MLC) sheet (see link below) as a reference when ordering instructional materials. MLCs consist of four digits that identify each grade level and subject area. The first digit indicates the grade level and the remaining three digits identify the subject area. All high school MLCs begin with the number 9.

Proclamation 2014 Newly Adopted Materials (PDF, 6MB) 
Instructional Materials 2014-2015 Adoption Bulletin
Instructional Materials Product Components by MLC 
Multiple List Codes for State-Adopted Subject Areas 2014-2015 (PDF, 38KB)
Instructional Materials SBOE & Commissioner Adopted Online Access & eBooks


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