Instructional Materials Ordering and Distribution

Instructional materials coordinators in each school district or charter school order materials needed by their school through an online system known as Educational Materials/Educational Materials for the Visually Impaired (EMAT/EVI).

See the following links for ordering instructional materials:

Ordering Information for School Year 2015–2016
EMAT Logon
Forms & Downloads

Superintendent Approval of EMAT/EVI Access

The EMAT system allows for two different roles – ordering access and view only access. The superintendents of each district or open-enrollment charter school can assign these roles through their TEASE account. District personnel assigned to these roles can order and view both regular instructional materials and special instructional materials including Braille, large type, digital and audio.

EMAT/EVI Ordering Access Role

Each district assigns up to two individuals with ordering access to manage the regular and the special education materials through the EMAT system. The individuals with this access submit all requisitions and disbursement requests through the EMAT system.

District Staff View-Only Access Role

This district member has view-only access to view orders and reports in the EMAT system. The superintendent may consider assigning this role to the appropriate district staff such as the curriculum director, business manager or other appropriate staff.

Note – Districts and open-enrollment charter schools may only assign two staff per role.

Apply for access online at TEASE Applications Reference. There are no forms to print and sign.