Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Districts

The Texas Education Code, §26.0031, requires independent school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to notify parents and students of the option to enroll in an electronic course offered through the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) at the same time and in the same manner the school informs them about courses offered in the traditional classroom setting. A district may not unreasonably deny the request of a parent or student to enroll the student in a course offered through the TxVSN.


TxVSN Courses are provided by Texas school districts, open enrollment charter schools, regional Educational Service Centers (ESC), and institutions of higher education.

Provider Districts 

TxVSN Provider Districts provide the courses offered through the TxVSN and are responsible for instruction. Texas independent school districts with a state accountability rating of Acceptable or higher, open-enrollment charter schools with a state accountability rating of Recognized or higher, regional Education Service Centers (ESCS), and public or private institutions of higher education may apply to become a TxVSN Provider District. When a student successfully completes an online course provided through the TxVSN, TEA provides a payment of $400 per semester course to the Provider District and $80 to the student’s district. To successfully complete a TxVSN course, the student must complete all required course activities and assignments and earn a final grade of 70 or higher, as assigned by the online course teacher.  

Receiver Districts 

TxVSN Receiver Districts  are school districts or open-enrollment charter schools in which students who are taking online courses through the TxVSN are enrolled. Receiver Districts approve student requests to take TxVSN courses, provide ongoing mentoring and support, and award credits and diplomas. When a student successfully completes a TxVSN course, the Receiver District is entitled to an allotment of $80 to reimburse the district or school for associated administrative costs and for mentoring the student through the successful completion of the online course(s). 


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