Prekindergarten Full/Half Day Programs

1. How many and which districts offer a full-day prekindergarten program?

  • TEA does not collect this information.  

2. How are full-day programs funded?  

  •  Districts fund the second half of a full-day program in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, Title I, Title III, local funds, state, federal or foundation grants, compensatory ed, etc. 

3. Can school districts offer half-day or full-day prekindergarten programs?

  • The state funds a half-day prekindergarten program. However, districts may use other federal, state and local sources, including collaboration with local Head Start or licensed child care agencies to implement a full-day program or a program with wrap-around services.  
  • Citation: TEC §29.153(c), TEC §29.1533, TEC §29.158

4. What is the length of a full-day and half-day prekindergarten program?

  •  A full-day program shall be at least seven hours each day including intermissions and recesses. A half-day program is a minimum of three hours. 
  • Citation: TEC §25.082(a)

5. What is the definition of “instructional day?”

  •  "Instructional day” is that portion of the school day in which instruction takes place. This does not include lunch, recess, rest time, etc.   
  •  Citation: SAAH, Section 13, Glossary  


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