Bilingual Education Intervention Guidance and Resources

The guidance and resource documents listed below assist districts and campuses with required activities for each level of intervention.  

External Resource Links 

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Texas Center for District and School Support

Guidance Documents 

Select the links below for guidance resources:

TAIS Implementation and Monitoring Guidance (PDF, 752KB)

TAIS Improvement Plan Guidance (PDF, 1356KB)

TAIS Needs Assessment Guidance (PDF, 1138KB)

TAIS Data Analysis Guidance (PDF, 1762KB)

District Leadership Team (DLT) Job Description (PDF, 128KB)

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 126KB)

PBMAS and RFM Intervention Guidance (PDF, 407KB)              

Performance-Based Monitoring (PBM) Intervention Process Flowchart (PDF, 68KB)

Resource Documents

Select the links below for additional resources:

Targeted Improvment Plan FAQ (PDF, 66KB)

Targeted Improvement Plan - Revised IP will be posted 6/8/2015

Each of the resources listed below are on separate tabs of the Improvement Plan workbook: 

  • Data Analysis Summary
  • Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan
  • Corrective Action
  • Reconstitution

System Analysis (PDF, 317KB)

Program Effectiveness Review (PDF, 812KB)

How my LEA was selected? (PDF, 111KB)

ISAM Contact Instructional Guide  (PowerPoint, 1109KB)

Digging a Little Deeper AIE Presentation (PowerPoint, 4565KB)