Accountability Monitoring Intervention Guidance and Resources

The guidance and resource documents listed below assist LEAs and campuses with conducting  required activities for each level of intervention.  

External Resource Links 

Select the link below for additional resources:

Texas Center for District and School Support

Professional Service Provider Network   

Federal Accountability Resources and Guidance Documents

Select the links below to assist with federal accountability:

Federal Accountability Methodology (PDF, 157KB)

Focus Ranking Calculation Steps (PDF, 163KB)

Priority Ranking Calculation Steps (PDF, 127KB)

Federal Accountability Improvement Plan (Excel, 661KB) 

State Accountability Resources and Guidance Documents 

Select the links below to assist with state accountability:

Principal Retention Determination Summary (PDF, 1954KB)

Teacher Retention Determination Summary (PDF, 1954KB)

Progress Report & Sustainability Plan for FIR Campuses (PDF, 2286KB)

TAIS Reconstitution Presentation (PPT, 4687KB)

TAIS Implementation and Monitoring Guidance (PDF, 725KB)

TAIS Improvement Plan Guidance  (PDF, 1356KB)

TAIS Needs Assessment Guidance  (PDF, 1138KB)

TAIS Data Analysis Guidance (PDF, 1762KB)   

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Selection Guidance  (PDF, 1434KB)

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Job Description (PDF, 131KB)

District Leadership Team (DLT) Job Description (PDF, 128KB)

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 126KB)

Campus Leadership Team (CLT) Job Description (PDF, 96KB) 

Campus Intervention Team Procedures  (PDF, 68KB)

Staff Reconstitution Summary Guidance (PDF, 130KB)

Principal Retention Framework (PDF, 310KB)

Parent Petition (PDF, 64KB)

Teacher Retention Framework (PDF, 119KB)   

Campus Accountability Identification and Required Intervention (PDF, 363KB)     

ISAM Submissions  (PDF, 98KB)                             

Intervention requirements for campuses and districts that have been identified in the Academic Accountability Rating System please view the flowcharts below:  

Campus-Level Interventions  (PDF, 57KB)              

District-Level Interventions (PDF, 33KB)   

1st Year Improvement Required  - 6th Year Improvement Required

Links below are provided to assist with Improvement Required LEA's or Campuses:

Targeted Improvment Plan FAQ (PDF, 66KB)    

Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 2029KB) 

Each of the resources listed below are on separate tabs of the Improvement Planning workbook:

  • Data Analysis Summary
  • Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan
  • Corrective Action
  • Reconstitution

PSP Progress Report (Excel, 374KB) 

Met Standard and Met Alternative Standard but Missed One or More System Safeguards 

Districts and campuses at this level of intervention do not have required ISAM submissions but should engage in the TAIS that results in a Campus Improvement Plan* that addresses any missed system safeguards.   

*While TEC §11.253 requires all campuses to develop a comprehensive campus improvement plan, the targeted improvement plan required by TEC §39.106 is specifically designed to address areas of low performance identified by the state accountability rating system.    

Additional Resources 

Select the link below for additional resources:

ISAM Contact Instructional Guide (PowerPoint, 1109KB)

Digging a Little Deeper AIE Presentation (PowerPoint, 4565KB)