Accountability Monitoring Intervention Guidance and Resources

What's new in the Division of School Improvement?

Changes for 2017-2018 monitoring year may be found in the What's New in SI? document.

TEA Correspondence titled, To the Administrator Addressed, sent from the Division of School Improvement, may be found on the Division of School Improvement Communication web page.

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General Guidance

During the 85th Legislature, House Bill (HB) 2263 was passed and amends Texas Education Code (TEC) §39.106(e) to no longer require the campus intervention team to support a campus once it has received an acceptable performance rating. Formerly Improvement Required (FIR) campuses no longer have any required interventions or submissions due to the Texas Education Agency.

If your campus developed a turnaround plan in the 16-17 school year and received a Met Standard rating in the 2017 state accountability system, the board of trustees has the option to have the campus implement the plan as written, implement a modified version of the turnaround plan, or withdraw the turnaround plan.

The guidance and resource documents listed below assist districts and campuses with conducting required activities for each level of intervention.

 TAIS Continuous Improvement Framework Brochure (PDF, 286KB) - NEW 8.10.2017!

TAIS Data Analysis Guidance (PDF, 1659KB)

TAIS Needs Assessment Guidance (PDF, 1030,KB)

Program Contact Job Descriptions

Select a link below for job descriptions for state accountability program contacts:.

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Job Description (PDF, 48KB) - NEW 8.11.2017!

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 73KB) - NEW 8.11.2017!

District Leadership Team (DLT) Job Description (PDF, 5KB) - NEW 8.15.2017!

Campus Leadership Team (CLT) Job Description (PDF, 94KB) - NEW 8.15.2017!

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Requirements

2017-2018 PSP Requirements Matrix (PDF, 151KB) - NEW 8.8.2017!  

2017-2018 PSP Requirements Matrix Guidance (PDF, 100KB) - NEW 8.8.2017!

Priority and Focus Schools Guidance

The Priority and Focus Schools (PFS) list, federal accountability methodology, and historical PFS information may be found on the Priority, Focus and Reward Schools web page.

Priority Only Campuses

All Priority Only campuses will engage in the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) continuous improvement process and focus on the area(s) of low performance that led to the priority identification. For some campuses, this might mean addressing performance in state accountability indexes (including sustainability of gains made); for other campuses, it will mean addressing graduation rates. Priority only campuses will work with a Professional Service Provider (PSP), and requirements must be fulfilled through the arranged services at the PSP Network and/or approved PSP pilot regions.

For additional information, see the PSP Requirements Matrix and Matrix Guidance in the section above.

Focus Only Campuses  

Campuses rated Met Standard or Met Alternative Standard that failed to meet one or more system safeguard measures are identified as Focus Only campuses. These campuses are required to utilize the Campus Leadership Team (CLT) to engage in the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) continuous improvement process to address the system safeguard(s) missed; they do not require the support of a Professional Service Provider (PSP).  Campuses should include intervention activities that are designed to address the missed system safeguard(s) in their TEC §11 improvement plans.  Although no submissions or progress reporting are specified at this time, TEA may request the submission of the campus TEC §11 plan that contains these intervention activities. 

Priority and Focus Campuses rated Improvement Required (IR)

Priority and Focus campuses that are rated IR should follow the state accountability intervention requirements outlined in the section below.

State Accountability Guidance 

Select a link below for guidance and intervention requirements specific to districts and campuses identified in the Academic Accountability Rating System.

1st Year Improvement Required

2nd Year Improvement Required

3rd Year Improvement Required

4th Year + Improvement Required  

Met Standard and Met Alternative Standard but Missed One or More System Safeguards 

Districts and campuses at this level of intervention do not have required ISAM submissions but should engage in the TAIS that results in a Campus Improvement Plan* that addresses any missed system safeguards.   

*While TEC §11.253 requires all campuses to develop a comprehensive campus improvement plan, the targeted improvement plan required by TEC §39.106 is specifically designed to address areas of low performance identified by the state accountability rating system.    

Resource Links

Select the links below for additional resources and guidance:

Texas Center for District and School Support (external link)

Professional Service Provider Network   (external link)

Printing the 16-17 IP Instructional Video (external link)

  ISAM Contact Instructional Guide (PowerPoint, 1109KB)