Where Can I Find A Texas School Ready Classroom?

Texas School Ready Classrooms 

There are currently 3,152 Texas School Ready!™ certified classrooms for 2011-2012 in Texas. The Texas School Readiness Certification System was funded by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Education Agency and was administered by the Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development.

The certification system was authorized under SB 23 in 2005 (TEC §29.161), piloted in 2005-06 and adopted by the P-16 Council in 2006. School district and charter school prekindergarten, child care (for-profit and non-profit), and Head Start programs that were part of the Prekindergarten Early Start and Texas School Ready! grant programs were required to participate.

To locate a Texas School Ready! classroom: Find a Texas School Ready Program

Additional information about the Texas School Ready! program contact the Children's Learning Institute (CLI) 


Department of Federal and State Education Policy: 512-936-6060

Program Contacts:

 Gina S. Day, gina.day@tea.texas.gov

 Howard Morrison, howard.morrison@tea.texas.gov