Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Funding

House Bill 3646 of the 81st Texas Legislature created a state virtual school allotment to fund courses provided through the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). When a student successfully completes an online course provided through the TxVSN, TEA provides a payment of $400 per semester course to the district (TxVSN Provider District) providing the course and $80 to the student’s district (Receiver District).

Allotment Funds

Foundation School Program (FSP) funds are paid to districts and open-enrollment charter schools for students participating in the TxVSN. In addition, the state virtual school allotment pays the cost of the course for the participating districts, based on successful completion of the semester course.

Students must be registered through the TxVSN in order to enroll in an online course offered through the network and to be eligible to earn state virtual school allotment funding. When a student successfully completes and online course provided through the TxVSN, the Texas Education Agency provides a payment of $400 to the district providing the course (TxVSN Provider District) and $80 to the student’s district (Receiver District). TxVSN Provider Districts will be paid half of the $400 for initial start up costs and the remainder after the TEA receives verification from Central Operations that the courses were successfully completed. TxVSN Provider Districts are not allowed to receive this dedicated funding to serve their own students. The Receiver District receives the $80 per student, per semester allotment payment to reimburse the district or school for associated administrative costs and to mentor the student through the successful completion of the online course(s).

Normal Course Load

A separate source of funds will supply funding for online courses provided above a student’s normal course load. Normal course load describes the number of classes or credit hours generally required to be taken by a student to generate the full amount of funding provided for a student in average daily attendance for the fall and spring semester. Specifically,normal course load for the TxVSN is defined as seven courses earning state credit toward graduation.


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