Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Teachers

Quality professional development for online teachers that is specific to teaching in a highly interactive online environment is important to ensure quality teaching and learning. All Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) course instructors are required to meet the professional development requirements of the network for effective online instruction prior to teaching for the TxVSN. Professional development courses for online teachers have been approved by the TEA and are offered by a group of professional development providers.

Professional Development

The required TxVSN professional development for new or experienced online instructors is designed to enable teachers to master the iNACOL National Standards of Quality for Online Teaching. A TxVSN Provider District may have additional requirements for their TxVSN teachers beyond the requirements set by the TEA, including specifying a preferred provider of TxVSN approved professional development for its online instructors.

TxVSN Teacher Requirements

TxVSN course instructors are teachers who are Texas-certified  in the course subject area and grade level or meet the credentialing requirements of an institution of higher education.  Teachers of TxVSN courses are hired and employed by current Provider Districts or Provider District applicants, or in some cases, a third-party partner of a Provider District.

TxVSN courses are reviewed to ensure they meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as well as the iNACOL National Standards of Quality for Online Teaching. Approved courses meeting state graduation requirements are made available to students across the state through the TxVSN course catalog.


A call for participation for additional professional development providers is conducted on a regular basis. For more information on additional opportunities to submit professional development programs, contact txvsncentral@txvsn.org


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