TEA Help Desk ButtonReach the Division of Grants Administration by email at and by phone at (512) 463-8525. 

If you have a grant-related question, submit it through the TEA Help Desk. To access the help desk, click the green "TEA Help Desk" button to the right. 

TEA Grant Opportunities Page

Information about all grants, including program descriptions, eligibility requirements, deadline dates, and funding amounts, can be found on the  TEA Grant Opportunities  page. 

Secure Environment: TEASE and TEAL

TEA's secure software applications (that is, applications that require the user to apply for a user account, in order to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data) are accessed through a "secure environment." These applications include the Expenditure Reporting (ER) system and eGrants, which TEA grantees need to draw down grant funds and to access electronic grants.

The agency's current secure environment is the TEA Secure Environment (TEASE). In the near future, however, TEASE will be replaced with the TEA Login (TEAL).

For instructions on how to request TEAL access and link TEASE applications to a new TEAL account, see the links listed at the bottom of this page.

Current Grants Information and Guidance

For guidance prior to that listed on this page, refer to the Prior Grants Information and Guidance page. For more information, call (512) 463-8525 or email

Enforcement Actions and Opportunity for Hearing

Refer to the Enforcement Actions and Opportunity for Hearing page for information regarding TEA enforcement actions.



Travel Information

Current mileage and travel reimbursement rates are listed in this October 9, 2013, To the Administrator Addressed (TTAA) letter.

Division of Grants Administration 

The Division of Grants Administration facilitates discretionary and formula funding, as authorized by state and federal law, to local educational agencies (LEAs) and other grantees in support of programs and initiatives to improve student performance and the high school graduation rate.  The division's functions include developing grant applications, negotiating approved grants, and managing all fiscal matters related to grants. Contact the division at (512) 463-8525 or

Grant Management Resources

Information on how to manage various aspects of a TEA grant is listed on the Division of Grants Administration's Grant Management Resources page.

General Grant Resources

Grant Awards by Grantee 

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