Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Information

Obtaining Continuing Professional Education Credit

Standard certificates were first issued on September 1, 1999, and replaced the lifetime provisional certificates. An educator with a standard certificate in Texas is required to renew his or her standard certificate(s) every five years. A minimum number of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours provided by an approved CPE provider must be obtained in order to renew that certificate in accordance with Texas Education Code (TAC) §232.13. Educators may use a CPE tracking form to document their CPE hours for renewal.

All CPE providers must be approved and registered by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and Texas Education Agency. This registration ensures that activities offered for CPE credit support the professional growth of educators in the knowledge and skills necessary to improve student achievement in Texas public schools. Only CPE activities from approved, registered providers will be recognized for certificate renewal purposes.

The entities on the List of Registered Providers are approved by the Texas Education Agency to offer continuing professional education for Texas Educators. For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Per TAC §232.23(a), written documentation of completion of all activities applied toward CPE requirements shall be maintained by each educator. Educators may want to use the following worksheets to organize documentation:  

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Providing Continuing Professional Education for Texas Educators

Individuals or entities desiring to be an approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider for Texas educators must submit the CPE Provider Registration Application (PDF, 292.74 KB) to the Texas Education Agency Division of Educator Standards. The information below will assist applicants in completing the provider registration form:

Professional Development Imperative (PDF, 118.14 KB)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Teacher Proficiencies Described In Learner-Centered Schools For Texas: A Vision Of Texas Educators
Content Areas of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours

Documentation of CPE Provider Activities

Each Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider must create their own documentation system as per Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §232.21 (b) & (c).

At the conclusion of each activity offered for CPE credit, the provider or sponsor must provide to each educator in attendance written documentation listing, at a minimum, the following:

  •  the provider's name and provider number
  •  the educator's name
  •  the date and content of the activity
  •  the number of clock hours that count toward satisfying CPE requirements

This information may be provided in paper or electronic format.

All providers are required to maintain a log of CPE activities conducted that includes a list of attendees, the date and content of the activity, and the number of clock hours that count toward satisfying CPE requirements.


The completed CPE Provider Registration form above and questions regarding CPE activities may be directed to