School Health - Additional Resources

Additional resources for more information concerning Coordinated School Health.

Texas School Health Network serves as the coordinating point and collaborative catalyst to promote healthy school environments and healthy behaviors of all students and personnel.  

School Health Specialists at each Education Service Center (ESC) provides and promotes wellness information, materials and other resources to teachers, administrators, other school personnel, parents and community members within the school community through in-service training, workshops, and other technical assistance.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coordinated School Health Program's coordinated school health program (CSHP) model.

Texas Department of State Health Services, Coordinated School Health Implementation Guide

Texas Education Code, Chapter 38, Section 38.013: Coordinated Health Program for  Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Students

19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Part II: Texas Education Agency, Chapter 102. Educational Programs, Subchapter CC. Commissioner's Rules Concerning Coordinated Health

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