Email Educator Certification

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Name Change

To submit a change or correction of name, gender or date of birth, please email the required documents along with a daytime phone number.

  • Current state drivers license or state ID
    • Out-of-Country educators who do not hold a state-issued drivers license may submit a copy of a current passport.
  • Last four digits of social security number
  • Previous name
  • A current email address and valid daytime phone number

Please scan documents and email to:

Or Mail to:
5th Floor
1701 North Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701

Current processing time is 10 business days, once all required documents are received. If you do not receive a notification from our office after 10 business days, please resend the documents with the following subject: “Second Request – name change.” We appreciate your patience as we process requests during our division’s peak season.


Fingerprint questions are answered by the Office of Fingerprinting.

Fees & Refunds

  • Payments you have made for certification fees or services
  • Refund of certification fees you are expecting
  • Notice of returned check you have received from TEA

General Certification and Test Questions

  • General certification and permit rules and requirements
  • Application for certification procedures
  • Technical assistance for Educator Certification Online System (ECOS)
  • Certification status
  • Certificate renewal
  • Assignment requirements
  • Certification by exam

Continuing Professional Education

Educators may submit questions about continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

Test Registration Questions

For answers to the following topics you will be directed to our test contractor's website, Educational Testing Service (ETS), 1-800-205-2626.

  • Policies related to the testing programs
  • Information on your score report
  • Test registration
  • Test administration dates and registration deadlines
  • Testing fees
  • Unofficial scores
  • Internet registration
  • Test day instructions
  • Preparation manuals/study guide
  • Computer Administered Tests (CAT)
  • Emergency registration
  • Special accommodations for testing

Legal Issues

  • Educator misconduct
  • Code of Ethics complaint
  • Educator sanction history

Data Requests

You may request reports or data that are not found on our website under "Reports, Data and Research."