FitnessGram® Procedures Manual

This FitnessGram® Procedures Manual was created as a user-friendly tool to assist the user as they enter data and upload their data to the Texas Education Agency. The sections listed below can be easily reproduced to create your own desk-top Procedures Manual. The manual will take you step-by-step from gaining access to the TEA’s TEASE system, testing standards, promoting students, assigning teachers, exemptions for students with disabilities, data upload, creating reports to trouble-shooting system problems. This guide will be updated annually and the trouble-shooting system will be continuously updated to ensure problem solutions are at your fingertips.

FitnessGram® Procedures Manual


Establishing Timelines

General Information/Overview

Testing Information/Standards

Testing Protocol/Standards

Exemptions – Students with Special Needs: This link will direct you to the Special Education – TEA webpage, where you will find information pertinent to serving students with special education needs. The resource developed specifically for the Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) can be found in the fourth paragraph within the “Overview” section.)

FitnessGram® ABC’s

Promoting and Assigning Students

Changing Unassigned School

Uploading Data

Creating Reports

Trouble-shooting: Adding or Revising Missing Student Data and/or Campus Names Don’t Match

Frequently Asked Questions

For training videos relating to entering of student data, please visit the FitnessGram® website.


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