Request for Prior Approval, Disclosure, and Justification Forms

The new EDGAR requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to request approval from or provide justification to the state educational agency before taking certain actions involving grant funds that follow the new EDGAR regulations. TEA has developed forms for LEAs to use in requesting that approval or providing justification. See the process described below for submitting any of the forms.

Effective November 20, 2015, TEA is providing approval of the following types of activities that require prior approval under 2 CFR 200.456.

  • Equitable services to private nonprofit schools that are required, and therefore allowable, under federal program statute; this includes registration and travel costs for participating in allowable professional development activities
    PNP Equitable Services Approval Form
  • Parental involvement activities required, and therefore allowable, under federal program statute; this includes registration and travel costs for participating in allowable parent trainings or conferences and required parent involvement/advisory committees
    Parent Involvement Approval Form

Enter the subrecipient's County-District Number and print a copy of the approved form. The completed form must be maintained locally as documentation of the approval and must be provided to auditors or monitors upon request.

The approvals are retroactive to the beginning date of the grant period as noted on the subrecipient’s Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) for programs in which the activity is required/allowable. There is no need to submit individual requests for approval of these activities.

The subrecipient may complete and submit prior approval request forms for other types of participant support costs, such as travel for school board members to attend an allowable program training, to TEA on an individual basis.

Please email with any questions regarding this approval.

Other Application-Related Forms

These forms are either submitted with the grant application or maintained locally as specified in the application guidelines and instructions.

Submit these forms, as applicable, to justify or request expenditure of 2017-2018 grant funds.

Process for Submitting Forms or Disclosures (Other Than Application-Related Forms)

For forms that currently require USDE approval because TEA has not yet been delegated the authority to approve the requests, do not submit any forms at this time.  USDE has indicated that they are in process of developing policy related to the requirements and will issue guidance at a later date.

In the interim, include all items requiring prior approval in the grant application and submit it to TEA.  However, do not expend funds for the item(s) until the appropriate approval is received, either from USDE or from TEA if the authority is delegated to TEA in the future. 

To submit disclosures or other application-related forms to TEA, download and complete the appropriate form(s) above. Submit the completed form by mail, fax, or email to the address below. You will receive a formal response from TEA for each request submitted.

Department of Grants Oversight and Compliance
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701-1494
FAX: (512) 463-7915

For details on the new EDGAR, refer to The New EDGAR page of the TEA website.