Division of System Support and Innovation

As part of TEA’s strategic planning process, we have attempted to identify how we can modify our operations to more effectively support and empower districts and campuses across Texas.  One goal of the TEA strategic plan is to reduce the number of low performing campuses by half.   Accomplishing such an ambitious goal requires new initiatives.  To catalyze this work, TEA has created the Division of System Support and Innovation (DSSI).  DSSI will work to transform low-performing schools, create new options for students in low-performing schools, and assist districts in designing and implementing system-level reforms.

DSSI is currently leading the following initiatives: 

 System of Great Schools

The Texas Education Agency’s Division of System Support and Innovation (DSSI) is launching a technical assistance network to support school districts across Texas that are interested in exploring and pursuing the System of Great Schools strategy for system-wide reform.

Districts that pursue the SGS strategy will design and implement a continuous improvement process that annually evaluates school quality, parent demand, and neighborhood needs and then strategically responds to that information by taking bold action to improve schools and provide parents with the types of schools they desire.

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School Redesign Fund

The Texas Education Agency is committed to relentlessly focusing on the students in low-performing schools. To this end, the School Redesign Fund (SRF) aims to increase the number of students in highly rated campuses by supporting districts committed to transforming low-performing schools and creating better options for students.  

SRF provides competitive grant opportunities and technical assistance with the intent to empower and support districts with comprehensive and bold school redesign plans. The goal, as always, is to provide educational environments that maximize student outcomes.

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