House Bill 4 High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program

This site provides information regarding the development and implementation of a high-quality prekindergarten grant program established by House Bill 4, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015.  School districts and charters that voluntarily meet the new standards listed in HB 4 will be eligible to receive funding for the 2016-2017 school year.


This high-quality grant program will allow districts and charters to receive funding for qualifying prekindergarten students in addition to the half-day Foundation School Program (FSP) funding that is already received for each eligible prekindergarten student. To receive the grant funding, a district or charter must meet certain enhanced quality standards related to curriculum, teacher qualifications, academic performance, and family engagement.

The Commissioner of Education must establish the amount of grant funding a district or charter receives for each qualifying student, not to exceed $1,500 per year, in attendance for the entire instructional period on a school day. The per-student funding amount will depend on the number of eligible grant applicants. A school district or charter that receives grant funding may only use the funding to improve the quality of the school district’s prekindergarten program.  


The High Quality Prekindergarten Grantee districts and open enrollment charter schools have been awarded their  grants. Upon accepting these grants, school districts and open enrollment charter schools have agreed to implement high quality standards in their prekindergarten classrooms to give enrolled children access to the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.
Each grantee awarded the High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program (PDF, 303KB) is listed by school district or open enrollment charter school.  The list identifies school districts and charter schools that received the high-quality prekindergarten grant and the corresponding funding amounts based on student enrollment from 2015-16. The Grantees will receive two grants to be used in the 2016-17 school year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 3/18/2016) (PDF, 158KB) 


February 5, 2016       Proposed rules and Call for PreK instruments published in Texas Register

February 26, 2016     Grant application is made available

Week of March 7th     First round of PreK instruments posted

March 7, 2016            End of official public comment period on proposed rules

March 25, 2016          Final round of PreK instruments posted

April 1, 2016               Adopted rules published in Texas Register

April 8, 2016               Deadline for LEAs to submit grant applications

Mid-April, 2016           Notification of preliminary funding amounts

June 3, 2016               Deadline for identification of eligible grantees and calculation of initial
                                    grantee funding amounts

June 2016                  Complete confirmation of eligible LEA desire to receive funding

July 2016                    Issue Notices of Grant Award (NOGA) with final FY 2016 funding amount

Fall 2016                     Issue NOGAs with second half of funding (FY 2017 funding)

Commissioner’s Rules Concerning a High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program 

The Commissioner’s Rules include the following: Prekindergarten program requirements and guidelines, teacher requirements, prekindergarten progress monitoring requirements, and the requirements of the family engagement plan.

Prekindergarten Guidelines

In fall 2015, TEA established a 13-member review committee consisting of classroom teachers and administrators from early childhood programs in public schools and higher education faculty and researchers from across the state to participate in the revision of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

The Texas Education Agency has posted the new Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (updated 2015). The updated guidelines will be implemented beginning with 2016-2017 school year.

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (updated 2015) (PDF, 1821KB)

Commissioner’s List of Approved Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments 

    As of May 19, 2016, the following progress monitoring tools have been approved for the 2016-2017 Commissioner's List of Approved Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments

    Family Engagement

    The Family Engagement work group was identified by the TEA and began work in early October. The group defined family and family engagement and identified components and strategies for the family engagement plan. 

    Family Engagement Plan, §102.1003. High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program., Section f.



    Total Appropriation: $118,000,000

    District/Charter Fiscal Year (FY) Total Funding: $116,955,193
                   FY 2016                $58,117,464
                   FY 2017                $58,837,729

    TEA Total Admin Costs: $1,044,807
                   2 FTEs (support and compliance)                $340,542
                   New data fields in PEIMS                             $279,265
                   Early Education Reports                               $250,000
                   PK class size/ratio report                              $175,000